High Intensity Focused Ultrasounds

HIFU Firming 3000

The HIFU firming 3000 reaches the deepest skin level SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), which is the last structure in the facial architecture possible to treat with non-invasive technology. HIFU generates immediate contraction by remodelling extracellular Periosteum matrix proteins (collagen, and elastin) by using facial transducers (3 and and deep fascia 4.5mm), such as neochogenesisand elastogenesis are produced in the middle term thanks to the fibroblast stimulation.

In addition, firming 3000 makes it possible to target the adipose tissue by thermal coagulation processes. Once the adipose tissue is targeted by body transducers (7 and 13mm), macrophages conduct lymphatic via the triglyceride’s absorption and elimination.

High Frequency Hair Removal

Regular Delivery of Energy

Decrease of Side Effects