Shock Wave

HC SWT is the most recent and advanced instrument capable to deliver both large focused shock-waves and controlled unfocused shock-waves. This innovation is protected from a patented procedure. “large-focus” shock-waves of HC SWT are delivered to a quite wide area, avoiding very small focus for which it should be necessary a pointing system, such as sonography or RX.

Cryo T-Shock 4.0 - STAR range

Cryo T-Shock

CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 marks a decisive step towards the use of thermokinetic processes applied to the human body. CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 goes far beyond the principles and effects of any other cryo-therapy device: its approach is not invasive and aggressive like that of suction systems and / or devices that use nitrogen gas.

CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 is able to transfer hot and cold thermal flows, alternating in a dynamic and controlled way, with a real-time temperature monitoring system, to obtain maximum effectiveness and safety. The Thermal Shock caused by the alternation of hot and cold flows stimulates the body's thermoregulatory response and drainage, accelerates the metabolic process and, thanks to the strong local oxygenation, acts on pain by inhibiting the pain receptors and, at the same time, stimulating the endorphins. By engulfing the body's natural responses to absorb inflammation, it relaxes the muscles by alternating phases of vasoconstriction and vasodilation.