Floor Rail Conventional X-Ray System

Jumong – General

Ultimate Choice in Conventional System Ideal Choice for a complete range of radiographic procedures and eliminates the needs for high-cost room modification.

Enhance your workflow with compact and effective design of economic system.

Conventional Radiography

Floating Table

Floor Wall Tube Rail Stand

Oscillating Grid

DR Upgradable

Great Expandability

Economic Feasibility

Convenience and Compact Design


Direct Digital Radiography


CALYPSO F is an innovatory multifunctional DR system representing the most flexible solution in direct digital radiography.

CALYPSO F is equipped with the OPERA D4000DR digital system ensuring top quality images and reduced patient dose.

Highly Integerated System

Variety of Configurations

Radiography HF X-ray Generator with Control Panel

Genesis 50

The GENESIS 50 is a modern microprocessor controlled X-ray generator.

It is characterized by user-friendliness and reliable function

Power 50 kW acc. DIN 6822

Converter frequency 40 kHz

Tube voltage 40 - 125 kV

Tube current 25 - 650 mA